Ruben is no push-over, not a loser, but he is always ready to help. After he rushes to the aid of a garish woman screaming in her apartment, he protects his career reputation by rejecting her half-price thank-you offer. After Luanne, the proprietress of the woman’s escort agency, calls to throw in more discounts, Ruben becomes her 24/7 confidante, often bantering late on school nights, plotting how the average lonely guy would be able to finance a girlfriend at least twelve times a year.

When the police raid Luanne’s place of business, Ruben teaches Luanne how to use a computer in the years before the Internet. Ruben fancies himself a published author composing web page profiles, which some of the escorts adopt to enhance their self-image and client lists.

As the years go on, Ruben’s intrigue with discount girlfriends is stoked by Luanne and her realities on racism, pornography, and the paradox of sexism.

  • Copyright 2017 By Michael Katzman
  • Fiction
  • Adult language and humor, thoughtful
  • 374 pages (soft cover version)

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Katzman’s story weaves a timeline between Ruben’s “conventional” girlfriends and his “professional discount girlfriends.”

When Ruben can no longer afford pay-as-you-go girlfriends, he considers how most people end up settling out.

In addition to 17 Years Dating Escorts, Michael Katzman is the author of 47 and Not Married: What Am I Going to Tell My Wife? and numerous theatrical presentations seen by tens of thousands of secondary students in Los Angeles. He also is known as a data consultant to schools solving complicated logistical problems. His views of education have been published several times in the Los Angeles Times.

His third novel Forever My Teacher, about a high achieving Latina who cannot forget that her high school teacher witnessed a secret about her, will be published in 2018.